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Empire rankАравия
Bedouin (Arabic)

Мекка (385)

Форма правления
ДеспотияGovernment monarchy.png

Государственная религия

Технологическая группа
Исламская Muslim technology group
For the region, see Arabia (region).

Аравия не существует на момент начала кампании, более того это Формируемая страна. Может быть создан любым государством с Левантийской культурной группой. Создание поднимет правительственный ранг до уровня Империи, создав культурный союз Левантийской группы.



Provinces in yellow are required to be owned and cored to form Arabia. Forming Arabia grants permanent claims on the Arabia (red), Egypt (blue) and Mashriq (green) regions.


Arabia can be formed from numerous nations in and around the Arabian Peninsula, including Мамлюки Мамлюки, Хиджаз Хиджаз, Оман Оман.

The Mamluks[править]

The Mamluks are perhaps the easiest to form Arabia, as they have many of the required territories and are certainly strong enough to conquer the Arabian Peninsula. The easiest way to do this is to ally Qara Qoyunlu, and use them as a buffer against the Ottomans while taking over the warring southern countries.


The strategy for Hejaz and Oman are relatively similar since they can ally each other, all that needs to be done is ally Haasa and pick which country (Yemen, Najd, or Shammar) to attack first. However, Hormuz is a minor annoyance since they tend to ally one or all of the aforementioned nations. Its recommended to simply vassalize them. After destroying the four smaller nations, offer Oman/Hejaz/Haasa vassalization, then diploannex them, if the player is big enough, they will likely accept. The biggest problem with forming Arabia is The Mamluks, the massive beige monster to the north, with the ability to field nearly three times as many troops as the player, and likely have one or two vassals to back them up. The solution is the massive teal monster to their north, The Ottomans. Ally them, and begin fabricating the necessary claims. It is suggested to fabricate all necessary as the Ottomans may offer to sell the provinces. After that wait for Admin technology 10, and start building an Arabian Empire.


This is probably the hardest possible start, as it isn't enough to defend Granada against various ambitious crusaders (among them Castile/Spain of course), the player also needs to gain the faraway Arabian lands in the east to even try claiming the title of Caliph.

Having Andalusian primary culture means Granada would need to shift culture once they have worked through North Africa and gained the required territories. This is needed as Bedouin should become majority culture once all of Arabia is conquered. If this isn't the case then Granada expanded the Andalusian culture too much, or using Common Sense expansion developed the Iberian territories too well. This can be fixed by either also developing the Arabian desert provinces and/or creating vassals and giving them Granada's Iberian lands until it is possible to change primary culture and then reannex them.


The Османы Османы may seem an odd choice for the player at the start of the game. However, they can be a viable option to form Arabia. First, the player can retake cores from Кандар Кандар, Дулкадириды Дулкадириды, 24px Караман, and 24px default Ramazan. Then, the player can take over Византия Византия. Hopefully, this will only take the player 15-20 years and can now attack either the Мамлюки Мамлюки or Кара-Коюнлу Кара-Коюнлу. Based on who the player chooses first, they can then go for the other one. Once the player gets the required provinces from those two nations, they can attack the remainder of the nations of the Arabian Peninsula. If the Тимуриды Тимуриды have not collapsed then the player can gain one of the provinces they need, though they may have to go to war with them. Once the player has done that, its time to culture shift. First, the player should release as many vassals in their European lands (which includes Anatolia) as possible. Once that happens, the player can move their capital to a province with the highest development and a dominant culture based on tax revenue. From there, they can shift their culture. This gives the Османы Османы -5 stability, so the player should stock up on administrative points for when the time comes. However, after this the player should be able to form Arabia.

Post Formation[править]

Depending on how Arabia was formed will dictate what problems it will face, if formed by an Arabian state, the next biggest problem after The Mamluks will be Qara Qoynlyu. Being a horde, they are unstable and technologically behind, however, they can field more troops and are incredibly aggressive. A solution is to use the Ottomans to help crush them. The next step is largely up to the player, Arabia can either expand east towards the Timurids and the Indian empires, west towards the North African trade nations, or south towards the Coptic African powers.


Arabian Coffee icon
Arabian Coffee
Form Arabia and have highest producing nation in coffee.