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Duchy rankГоспитальеры
The Knights.png
Окситанская (Французская)

Родос (320)

Форма правления
Военно-монашеский орденGovernment theocracy.png

Государственная религия
Католичество Catholic.png

Технологическая группа
Западная Western technology group

The Knights Hospitaller are an ancient Catholic military order. Arising from a group of nurses and doctors, to care for the sick, around the turn of the millennium this holy order turned to its Knights to throw back the Turkish and Muslim threat. Controlling only the island city of Rhodes the Knights must contend with both the Heathens and the aloof Venetians, as well as heretics in Rhodes itself. Things are not going to be easy for The Knights. Starting with one province The Knights must deftly rebuild a power base throughout the Mediterranean and convert the heretical Christians back to the one true faith. The Barbary Pirates will be eyeing The Knights and their gold and the Ottomans will be keen to destroy the thorn in their side. Find allies and find them quickly for the Knights of Rhodes will have some dark days ahead.