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Kingdom rankМайнц
Rhenish (Germanic)

Mainz (78)

Форма правления
ТеократияGovernment theocracy.png

Государственная религия
Католичество Catholic.png

Технологическая группа
Западная Western technology group

Mainz is a one province Theocracy in Franconia, a region in Southwestern Germany. It starts as an elector of the Holy Roman Empire.


Msg event.pngGutenberg and the Printing Press

In 1450, Johan Gutenberg, an upper-class merchant in Mainz, applied his knowledge from his father's work as a goldsmith, and created the world's first printing press. The first thing printed was a German Poem, but Gutenberg had greater ambitions than that, as he aimed to print a Bible. This effort lead him to bankruptcy, and his financiers took over his business, creating the fist printed Bible in 1457. The world would never be the same again!
What shall we do?

Условия срабатывания
  • Can only fire once
  • Is Майнц Майнц
  • Owns the province Province icon.png of Pfalz

Any of the following:

  • The advisor Advisor.png Johannes Gutenburg does not exist
  • Johannes Gutenburg is employed as advisor Advisor.png
  • The year is at least 1457
Ориентировочное время срабатывания

12 months

Event button 547.png
Support this marvelous invention!

Майнц Майнц:

  • Income.png-25% years of income
  • Gain 50Administrative power.pngadministrative, 50Diplomatic power.pngdiplomatic and 50Military power.png military power.
Event button 547.png
This will just cause instability...

Майнц Майнц:

  • gains Icon stability.png1 stability.

Note: The starting events of the event chains “Legatus Natus” and “Primas Germaniae” are also exclusively for Mainz.


Mainz is an OPM theocracy as well as an elector in the HRE. They have no real advantages over their neighbours. They are a theocracy so they cannot royal marriages or be elected Emperor, as well. The only bonus theocracies have, is provinces of their own religion have less unrest, and the player can always make their rulers generals, as they suffer no stability hit from death. It is a cheap way of getting good generals.

Mainz, being in the centre of the HRE, will accrue aggressive expansion quickly. The first thing the player needs to do, is find strong allies. The first-rate powers probably won't bother with Mainz, so look elsewhere- Бавария Бавария, Саксония Саксония, 24px Кёльн perhaps. Try and pick up as many allies as possible, even going over the diplo-relations slot. default Frankfurt default Frankfurt is a good option to attack, as it is a rich province and does not usually have powerful allies. Concentrating on lower numbers of high quality provinces will reduce the number of rebellions. The player should prepare claims if they cannot get a mission on Frankfurt, and if possible get claims on their allies- the player should operate in bursts of conquests. Take Frankfurt, see who else is nearby. Start nibbling away at the surrounding countries, being aware not to gain too large of a coalition. If the coalitions do get out of hand, consider cycling them- that is, declare war on a manageable coalition, to get truce timers. This will make it possible to juggle a set of coalitions and continue expanding.