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Kingdom rankОсманы
Default Османы.png
Турецкая (Левантийская группа)

Edirne (149)

Форма правления
Османский султант

Государственная религия

Технологическая группа
Анатолийская Anatolian technology group
Ottoman идеи

Traditions.png Традиции:

+5% Дисциплина
+3 Веротерпимость к язычникам

Core-creation cost.png

−20% core-creation cost
+1 Максимум признанных культур

Manpower recovery speed.png Гази

+20% Скорость восстановления рекрутов

Cavalry power.png

+15% Мощь кавалерии

Cost of reducing war exhaustion.png Автономные Паши

−10% Стоимость снижения военной усталости

National tax modifier.png Свод законов Сулеймана

+10% Доход от налогов

Trade efficiency.png Эпоха тюльпанов

+10% Эффективность торговли

Ship cost.png Имперская школа военно-морской инженерии

−10% Стоимость кораблей

Idea bonus.png Амбиции:

+33% Лимит армии
К 1444 Османы - Региональная держава , в процессе экспансии закрепляя преимущество за Анатолией и Балканами. На востоке Османский контроль был восстановлен после Тимуриды Timurid вторжения, но несколько beyliks остаются независимыми. Эти Beys играют роль между расширяющейся властью Османов с одной стороны иМамлюки Mamluk Империя Египта и Сирии, сильнейшее государство на Ближнем Востоке. c другой,.

In Europe, the Ottomans have defeated the Crusaders in the Battle of Varna, killing Wladyslaw, the Польша Polish and Венгрия Hungarian king. Византия Византия now lies exposed and Hungary has been forced on the defensive, but with the fortress of Belgrade, still serves as a strong bulwark against further Ottoman expansion. The lesser princes in between can survive only by playing the great powers off one another. Further south, Skanderbeg leads Албания Албания in revolt against the Ottomans, supported by Венеция Венеция, which still dominates the seas.

The realm ruled by the Ottoman dynasty is not yet a centralized state in 1444. The sultan's authority is enforced only by his small household of servants, recruited from slaves captured in war and from the 'devshirme', the periodic conscription of Christian youths from the Balkan countryside. These are the famous Janissaries, who will in time grow into a powerful standing army. The Ottomans have come to power with the military backing of numerous marcher-lords, still highly autonomous on the Balkan frontier, while the administration lies in the hands of the Turkish aristocracy, literate in the ways of statecraft, but largely independent of the sultan's authority.

All this is about to change. Having defeated the Crusader armies, the old sultan Murad II is now on his way back to his estates in Manisa, leaving the government in the hands of the young Mehmed II. It is he who will go on to transform the Ottoman state into an empire, acquiring Constantinople as an imperial capital and establishing a centralized administration to rein in the marcher-lords and old Turkish families. For 'The Grand Turk', there can be no compromise – the House of Osman is to be the supreme authority in the land. The only question is this: where will his armies turn to first??

Europa Universalis IV starts on November 11th 1444, the day after the Ottomans' victory over the Christian alliance at Varna. They begin owning most of Anatolia and the southern Balkans. For new players, the early game will likely be focused on consolidating the country's position in those regions. Internally, the country is divided between the Orthodoxy Orthodox and Sunni Islam Sunni faiths. Economically, they hold the majority of the Constantinople node trade power with very easy access to the rest.

In the Balkans, the important trade center of Constantinople and the region of Morea are held by the declining nation of Византия Византия and its vassal, Афины Афины. The Aegean Sea is controlled mainly by Венеция Венеция and Генуя Генуя hindering control of the Constantinople trade node. The Anatolian region is a home to several Turkish Beyliks. Further east, in the Taurus and Caucasus mountains, the hordes of Ак-Коюнлу Ак-Коюнлу and Кара-Коюнлу Кара-Коюнлу control some outlying Ottoman territory, and shield the Ottomans from their historical rival, the Тимуриды Тимуриды. To the south, historical and trade rival the Мамлюки Мамлюки control a sprawling trade empire that extends into Africa, while their vassal Хиджаз Хиджаз controls the holy cities of Medina and Mecca. To the west, the Balkan nations are ripe for the taking - 24px Молдавия is the only safe nation due to it being a march of Польша Польша which blocks expansion. Further expansion into the west is halted by Австрия Австрия and Венгрия Венгрия, while across the Adriatic, Italy is mostly protected by the Imperial authority.png Holy Roman Emperor and Арагон Арагон.

The Ottomans have a unique government type named the Ottoman Government. This government is in many ways synonymous with the royal household, but with a harem feature that ensures that there will never be a lack of heirs for the Ottoman ruler. The Ottomans follow the (unrecognized string “hanafi” for Template:Icon) Hanafi school of Islam.

Ottoman Government

The Ottoman Government is a unique government type with fixed dynasty and the following benefits: Monarchy This government is permanently lost if the country is no longer Muslim or if the government type is changed during the Revolution disaster or by revolutionary rebels enforcing their demands.


Шаблон:Expansion The harem helps ensure that there will never be a lack of heirs for the empire. An event triggers if the current ruler has reached 30 years of age and has no heir which allows the player choose an heir for the throne from a random list of three choices, being able to view their monarch stats prior to the choice.

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Ottoman events


Шаблон:Expansion This government may assign a pasha to one of its states from the state interface, and the following modifiers will be applied to each province in this state: Static modifiers Removing the Pasha causes all the provinces in the state to suffer a Local unrest.png +5 local unrest penalty for 10 years.




Основная статья: Ottoman missions

Practically all of the Ottomans missions revolve around expanding their borders. In the early stages of the game, many of the missions revolve around reclaiming the lands of Anatolia, as well as the iconic mission to conquer the City of the World's Desire: Constantinople or Conquer the Crusader's Last Bastion (Rhodes). Further missions will request the Ottoman Empire to expand and conquer the regions of Balkans, North Africa, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, as well as individual provinces - all to increase trading power in the spice trade and to unite Sunni Islam lands against Christendom.


Основная статья: Ottoman events

Many historical events are the aftermath from the expansion and government reforms of the Ottoman Empire - such events can revolve around the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and the trade states of Венеция Венеция and Генуя Генуя, the left-over Greek OrthodoxyOrthodox Patriarchate, enacting reforms that might not be popular with everyone, or suppressing nationalistic rebels.








The Ottomans begin the game in 1444 in the Anatolian technology group Anatolian military technology group at level 3 for Administration, Diplomacy and Military with Feudalism embraced. If you rush to Military level 5, Османы Османы should have the strongest infantry units, comparing to Western technology group Western, Muslim technology group Muslim and Eastern technology group Eastern units.

If the Ottomans have completed the 3 listed decisions, Adopt the Provincial Government System, Expand the Devshirme System and Make Constantinople Capital, they are likely the physically largest and most developed nation on 3 continents. At this stage the question becomes how big can the Ottomans grow. Other than Австрия Австрия, Rivals may include Речь Посполитая Речь Посполитая, Россия Россия, Великобритания Великобритания, Франция Франция, Мин Мин and Испания Испания.

  • Cavalry.png60% Ratio. As a Sunni nation, Cavalry numbers may be up to 60% of a total army size, excluding Artillery.png artillery, before the Insufficient Support penalty is incurred. Note that this will be reduced to the standard 50% Cavalry ratio upon conversion to another religion.
  • Anatolian technology group Anatolian units: see Anatolian land units. Early game Anatolian technology group Anatolian units (up to military tech 15) are superior to Western by 1 pip. Notably, Janissaries (infantry at military tech 9) have 1 offensive fire pip; the only other tech groups to get fire pips this early are Indian technology groupIndian and Chinese technology groupChinese (who have a much harder time embracing institutions). Conversely, Anatolian cavalry has no fire pips until tech 18, compared to 10 for Western.

The Janissaries

The Ottomans may have the event The Janissaries fire if their ruler is above 5 monarch power in any category and they have 50 Army tradition.png army tradition. If accepted, the Janissaries give considerable military bonuses to the Ottomans for the remainder of the game. In addition to the extra power their Anatolian units have, the bonuses from the Janissaries catapult the military strength of the Ottomans far above that of their neighbors.

However, accepting this event will additionally unlock the unique Janissary Coup disaster for the Ottomans in 100 years. While the disaster can take an enormous toll on the Ottomans if left unattended, it is easily ended by taking the decision Disband the Janissaries, which removes the military bonuses. In addition, the disaster can be avoided entirely if the Ottomans ruler has above 5 skill in any category; a condition made much easier by having the Ottoman Government where the sultans often gives 3 heirs with good stats after age of 30. Therefore, disinherit heirs without a skill above 5 is also fine for avoiding the Janissary coup disaster.

As a player, building up the Janissaries as soon as possible is advised due to the considerable power it gives early in the game, and because the disaster is easily avoided by choosing an heir that disables the disaster. As a player playing against an AI Ottomans, it is often advised to wait to fight them until they disband the Janissaries and lose the military bonuses. Шаблон:Expansion

Early Moves

Unlike older version such as 1.22, although Ottomans has a core on Албания Албания, Венеция Венеция guarantees Албания Албания, fighting for an OPM might not be worthy. Therefore, annexingВизантия Византия in the beginning is a wiser choice, not only because of a decision to get more development and capital, but also allowing free claims on Serbia. This allows the player could just attack Сербия Сербия immediately after the fall of Византия Византия. With a rapid Serbia conquest, the player could rush easily into Босния Босния andВалахия Валахия with the free claims provided by the mission tree. During these battles, be sure to use diplomats to improve European's relations, especially Рагуза Рагуза, Госпитальеры Госпитальеры, Польша Польша, Богемия Богемия, Венеция Венеция and so on to prevent coalitions.

After aggressive expansion in Europe drops, try to take small Turkish beyliks in Anatolia early to prevent Мамлюки Мамлюки or Кара-Коюнлу Кара-Коюнлу conquering them. The Ottomans are strong early on so it's possible to do several wars at the same time. However, fighting in two fronts is challenging for new players. Therefore, the player could do either Europe or Asia expansion.

Goals After Early Moves

The Muslim Ottomans future goals revolve around the ability to Unify Islam which involves conquering holy sites (provinces) and being 100% Muslim, since it is the strongest Muslim nations to achieve. Some players may seek Definitely the Sultan of Rum and Parisian Pasha achievement for the trophy. They are not as hard even for a new player. All you need is to make sure you get a good diplomatic manner with fighting tactics. The ottoman mission tree provides huge amount of claims and some places are worth to take later on.

Ак-Коюнлу Ак-Коюнлу owns one 24px default Syria province which can be released (Rakka: 1.28) easily diplomatically vassalized and later fed Syrian cores fromМамлюки Мамлюки (with significantly reduced aggressive expansion). Ак-Коюнлу Ак-Коюнлу owns one Ottoman and one Syrian core and should be taken as soon as possible (best if QQ is in some exhaustive war e.g. with Тимуриды Тимуриды or Mamluks).

Other early war targets are Трапезунд Трапезунд and Феодоро Феодоро which are not a huge problem. It is fine for Крым Крым to take them because of Crimean Succession Crisis. Ottoman may get Крым Крым as a march in peace or war.

It may be a problem for Генуя Генуя takes it due to HRE influence. There is a seductive mission for conquering Caffa but it is advised to pick it only after the Shadow kingdom event happens, otherwise the Emperor will protect Genoa.

Грузия Грузия, Черкесия Черкесия and could be good vassals or annexed before Кара-Коюнлу Кара-Коюнлу vassalize it (Ottomans has mission for Трапезунд Трапезунд)

A single successful war with Венгрия Венгрия ending by releasing Хорватия Хорватия, Трансильвания Трансильвания or 24px Нитра may cripple this neighboring power and be a stepping stone to conquer HRE lands. However a strong European ally would be probably required for this war. Франция Франция, Польша Польша,Богемия Богемия or even Московия Московия can decide to ally the Ottomans and help in the wars against the common enemy Австрия Австрия.

Another exhaustive war would be with Венеция Венеция to take it and its vassals' Balkan possessions - these are essential otherwise Венеция Венеция will steal the trade income from Constantinople and Alexandria. The player should be careful and have a bigger navy than Venice and its allies together. Or let Венеция Венеция's rivals such as Австрия Австрия and Венгрия Венгрия to attack them, so that the player could hijack them.

After getting these possessions, the Asian neighboring powers should be already crippled and do not represent a threat.

1 Orthodoxy Convert to Orthodox

Ottomans can convert to Orthodox in several ways:

  • The quickest way occurs prior to annexing any territory by sending a missionary to an Orthodoxy Orthodox province triggers enough unrest to create a possible rebellion. Ottomans are sufficiently Orthodox to be able to convert by accepting the rebels demands. However, if this is done the Ottomans lose out on the decision to make Constantinople the capital missing 11 development points. The upside is that Constantinople will not need to be converted.
  • A second way to convert and securing the extra 11 development from the make Constantinople the capital decision is by conquering Византия Византия and at least two of the four nations of Афины Афины and Албания Албания, Феодоро Феодоро, or Трапезунд Трапезунд. After Constantinople is secured and the decision clicked sending a missionary to any Orthodoxy Orthodox province with unrest below 0 will create a rebellion that will allow accepting demands to convert to Orthodox. Religious rebels generated in the province of Trebizond have the advantage of being able to force convert Anatolia while completing sieges on provinces. A rebel generated in Edirne or Kirkkilise are the closest to Constantinople and can force convert that province - which otherwise can not be converted until a combination of Patriarch authority.png patriarch authority, an inquisitor and Religious ideas are taken.
  • Both methods should be done prior to the annexation of the Anatolian Beyliks as the extra provinces will reduce the percentage of Orthodox.

Note, there are two handicaps to this as reduced Religious unity.pngreligious unity incurs a Corruption.png corruption penalty and initially Orthodox are unable to convert Sunni IslamSunni provinces.

Шаблон:Expansion If the Dhimmi estate has low loyalty, revoking the heathen provinces granted to them will spawn zealots of the province's religion. As soon as the game starts,the Impose New Religious Tax interaction from the Estate tab can be taken, reducing Dhimmi loyalty to 35. Many Orthodox provinces start out as belonging to the Dhimmi estate, and can be revoked after a year has passed. The Zealots spawned will convert every non-Orthodox province they occupy to OrthodoxyOrthodox if the occupied province is not within a fort's Zone of Control, including Konstantiniyye after Make Constantinople the Capital decision has been taken, if the fort in Edirne is destroyed.. Zealots will not be able to cross the strait to Anatolia as there are almost always AI ships in the Sea of Marmara. They instead will march all the way around the Black Sea until they are defeated in battle by a nation along the way, or arrive back into Ottoman lands. The player can annex Трапезунд Трапезунд and send a missionary to the province (as outlined above) after granting it to the Dhimmi Estate, then revoke the estate ownership after a year if they wish to force convert Sunni IslamSunni Anatolia prior to switching to Orthodox.

2 Coptic.png Convert to Coptic

Conversion to Coptic is done fastest by taking the 3 Coptic provinces Van, Yerevan and Nakhchivan from Кара-Коюнлу Кара-Коюнлу. Converting to Coptic removes the unique government type from Ottomans.

Give those provinces to the Dhimmi estate, and spawn 3 Coptic rebel stacks by revoking those provices a year later, after making the Dhimmi disloyal by asking for gold. Шаблон:Expansion However, all Coptic holy sites are easily conquered, so the Ottomans will get the benefit of the five Coptic blessings very early on.

Католицизм Convert to Catholic

Conversion to Catholic is also possible as the Ottomans. This can be done in an many ways however, the easier ways include securing either a Католицизм Catholic province from Босния Босния, Рагуза Рагуза, Sayuda from the Мамлюки Мамлюки or waiting for Афины Афины to convert its province and then securing it. However, as the amount of Catholic is small relative to the empire it will take a several years of waiting as a rebel stack forcibly converts provinces. However, this can be shortened by utilizing Dhimmi revolts. Note, there are two handicaps to this as reduced Religious unity.pngreligious unity incurs a Corruption.png corruption penalty and initially Catholics are unable to efficiently convert Sunni IslamSunni provinces.

Imperial authority.png Form Holy Roman Empire

After becoming Католицизм Catholic the Ottomans can be elected and can gain a lot of Imperial authority.png Imperial authority by adding all of their European provinces to the HRE, and passing several reforms. Call for Reichsreform may already have been passed before the Ottomans become emperor, so Institute Reichsregiment and Reform the Hofgericht may be passable. The Imperial authority.png Imperial authority tick from all of the new provinces in the empire will also allow you to pass the following reforms quickly.

Sunni Islam Stay Sunni

Шаблон:Expansion Many Orthodox provinces start out as belonging to the Dhimmi estate. Therefore, by conquering many European lands and putting Dhrimmi to your states, Dhrimmi should be influential and loyal to you. If the Dhimmi estate has high loyalty, -10 tech cost and tolerance are provided. The Impose New Religious Tax interaction from the Estate tab can be taken as the source of hiring advisers and war.

It is possible to get Italian states after the The Shadow Kingdom events by either vassalizing Italian and conquering Naples if Арагон Арагон loses it. This could get some easier institution process, as the colonization and printing press might be slow if the player conquer too much Asian lands.


The choice of Ottomans are fairly diverse and can be approached in a number of ways. Given that the Ottomans can release and do re-conquest for Syria/Persia/Iraq and also can diplo-vassalize Fezzan and feed it high coring cost north African land, taking Influence idea group.png Influence ideas that has reduced Diplomatic annexation cost diplomatic annexation cost. Later Diplomatic idea group.png Diplomatic ideas can be taken to more effectively reduce aggressive expansion by giving Province warscore cost.png−20% province warscore cost and Improve relations.png Improve Relations so any AE quickly cools down.

Administrative idea group.png Administrative ideas are recommended as the Core-creation cost.png−25% core reduction cost can stack with the Core-creation cost.png−20% from Kanunnames. The lowered cost and maintenance of mercenaries will help the Ottomans to field a large force of mercenaries.

If the Ottomans choose to go Orthodoxy Orthodox, Coptic.png Coptic, or Католицизм Catholic, Religious idea group.png Religious ideas may be a good choice as Deus Vult yields the Holy War casus belli making the acquisition of territories east or south of the Ottomans free from the use of diplomatic power. This is especially strong with the Coptic.png Coptic faith as it will yield even more coring cost reduction, and a casus belli with nearly all neighbors (among other bonuses). Administrative idea group.png Administrative ideas may be required to manage the administrative power cost of coring all that land. The bonus Missionaries.png +1 missionary, Missionary strength.png +3% missionary strength and Global heretic missionary strength.png+2% missionary strength vs heretics will be of great help in maintaining Ottomans' Religious unity.png religious unity.

If Ottomans stay Sunni, Humanist idea group.png Humanist idea group is usually the best option for handling rebels and fits well with an aggressive conquest style where Ottoman don't have time to convert all heathen provinces. The Ottoman traditions gives a +3 tolerance of heathens you can stack this with the +2 tolerance of heathens in this idea group. With that, you don't have any penalty to religious unity in heathen provinces. It also gives provinces for the Dhimmi estate, which can be quite lucrative.

It has the be noted however that a military idea group isn't important in the early game because of the Anatolian tech group, which gives The Ottomans extra unit pips compared to the Western nations. In the late game, at military tech 19 (for infantry) and tech 18 (for cavalry) The Ottoman units will have less unit pips compared to the western tech group. Ottomans should get more military idea for further aggression.

Offensive idea group.png Offensive ideas shine with good generals and siege ability with Ottomans' tendency to often be at war and having high military tradition Aristocracy idea group.png Aristocratic idea with Anatolian troops could be strong early game, helpful in putting military points into other areas, such as extra manpower, extra diplomat to annex vassals, Monthly autonomy change to counterbalance Lighten Dhimmi Tax Burden, keeping military traditions high and getting an extra siege pip are very good to keep the Ottomans as an unbeatable military force. Quantity idea group.png Quantity idea could solve later on manpower problem while Quality idea group.png Quality idea solves the each single battle.


Definitely the Sultan of Rum icon
Own and have cores on Rome, Moscow and Constantinople as Ottomans.
Parisian Pasha icon
Assign Pasha to Paris.