Папская область

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Kingdom rankПапская область
Umbrian (Latin)

Roma (118)

Форма правления
ДеспотияGovernment theocracy.png

Государственная религия
Католичество Catholic.png

Технологическая группа
Западная Western technology group
For the workings of the Papacy mechanic, see Papacy.

The Papal State is the manifestation of the temporal power of the pope. Beginning with Urbino as vassal and with the provinces of Roma, Ancona, Umbria, Romagna and Avignon, it is relatively large and prosperous compared to other states in the region. Despite this, it is often subject to early invasion by neighbouring states such as Florence and also Provence which often seeks to acquire the landlocked and isolated province of Avignon with which it shares a border. Naples, while not posing any immediate threat due to its starting situation as a lesser partner in a personal union, will often seek to conquer the Papal State should it ever break free from Aragonese vassalage.

The Papal State will never accept diplo-vassalization; they have a -1000 acceptance modifier for the diplomatic action. If the Papal State is annexed then a surviving Catholic theocracy may cede their province to recreate the Papacy.

The Papal State is the only Italian country that can't form Италия Италия (or most other countries, even if they switched their primary culture).