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This template is used alongside the {{Mpos}} template for easier construction of mission trees.


Parameter Notes Status
image required
  • The possible location missions in the tree. Please use {{Mpos}} template.
  • Generic/regional/etc. options have ready presets for use.


{{Mission tree
|image= <!-- image name (PNG format) -->
|missions= <!-- missions use {{mpos}} template -->


  • There are no limitations on amount of placements.
  • Missions can be placed in any order though only once per location (the last one taking effect).
{{Mission tree
|image=Chinese Missions
{{mpos|x=1|y=1|name=Colonize Taiwan}}
{{mpos|x=2|y=6|name=Conquer Korea}}

rect 2 6 102 118 [[#{{{name}}}|{{{name}}}]]

Consistent experience[править]

To ensure a consistent user experience using mission tree templates make sure to take a screenshot at the specified resolution and cropped using the same reference point (point Z as shown below).